What Are The Advantages Of Having A Corporate Video For Business?

corporblogvideoCorporate video production has become extremely important when when it comes to marketing your business and services.

In fact, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index video is expected to be 69 percent of all web traffic by 2017, which is pretty impressive.

Here are some advantages of online video production for businesses:

  1. Google Loves Quality Content: with Google’s constant updates, spam is no longer an option. Google loves informative content that will help their users and what better way to enhance your search engine presence than quality video content.
  2. Corporate video isn’t immediately about sales but about customer engagement. Videos are so much more engaging then other media, and not only that they are a lot more shareable on social media websites making their market reach much wider. With over 1 billion unique users visitsYouTube each month (source: YouTube)  it is hard not to spot an opportunity.
  3. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and is owned by Google. This is exactly why but Google indexes YouTube videos far faster than written content – and videos are 60% more likely to come first on Google searches if they are properly optimized.
  4. Unlike written content, video can be shared (and even syndicated) on multiple platforms, i.e. YouTube, Blogs, Vimeo, Dailymotion, articles and so forth.
  5. Corporate videos is mainly about customer engagement. But it can have many other uses too:
  • training staff
  • engaging with staff and clients
  • customer video testimonials (a great way to get targeted traffic and can have a good ROI)
  • tutorials and infomercials
  • marketing videos

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