How To Write A Really Good Video Brief – Part 3

This is the third and final part of our blog on creating the perfect brief for video production.

Find the Feeling

Video Production WordCloudDespite what most claim, the vast majority of research suggests that people are far from rational when it comes to making decisions.

Numerous marketing studies prove that your audience will largely be driven by an emotion in their decision making, even if they profess to possess the logic and rationale of Mr Spock himself.

Bearing this in mind, you will need to give some thought to how you want your audience to feel when they watch your finished video production. Responses can be many and varied including – pride, joy, sympathy, confidence, desire, urgency, intrigue, hope – to name just a few.

The effect of imagery, music and voice in video is incredibly powerful in evoking emotion in your audience, so think carefully about the kind of emotional impact you want to achieve.

Some Practical Points for Stress-free Video Production

Checklist ImageAgree a deadline for the final delivery of your video – we can’t say this enough. Be clear, specific but also be realistic – your video production company will discuss this with you.
Be sure to identify the key dates that are fixed in your diary. e.g dates for special events, availability of key speakers or VIPs, limited access to venues
Check out the Health & Safety – will there be any specific H&S issues affecting the filming venues?
Decide who from your team should be present during the shoot. You need to make sure they can check the accuracy of your shoot.
Before you submit your brief to potential producers, make sure you get approval and consensus from all the key people in your team – including the boss!

And finally…

Team work and collaboration image
Happy smiling business team standing in a row at office

In the end, a successful video production project comes down to being clear about what you want to achieve through your video combined with open collaborative discussions with your production company.

A good video production brief will support these two principles, ensuring you end up with the right video production company, the right video and a rewarding return on your investment.

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