CASE STUDY – Video Business Card for Yorkshire Plus

Yorkshire Plus logoYorkshire Plus approached Eye Films in January to help them create a short but effective Video Business Card that would reach out and explain the kind of benefits they provide. With stiff competition in the outsourced on-going cost management solutions market, a short video introduction would give them the edge.

Video business cards are increasingly popular with start-ups and SMEs who understand the enormous power of video to reach out to new clients but lack the immediate capital to invest in anything more substantial.

As well as widening the reach of a website by helping SEO, video marketing can add personality to your brand, drive traffic to your site and – if done professionally – strengthen existing relationships with customers. They are also quick to turnaround and highly cost effective.

Paul Pashley of Yorkshire PlusPaul Pashley, who heads Yorkshire Plus, will be the first to admit that he was nervous about putting himself in front of camera for the piece. “I can get very nervous when in front of a camera but the patience Jon showed was excellent.”

For Yorkshire Plus’ video we shot at a stately hall just outside Sheffield, offering tips and guidance to help Paul deliver effectively to camera. Obviously we wouldn’t expect anyone to deliver a pitch in one go and so took several takes to make sure we got the very best for the finished video.

Once filmed we were able to create a short animated logo for the business using their existing branding and sourced some background audio to compliment the vocals. The video was then provided in two formats – full resolution to upload to video hosting or use on their existing website; and as a .3GP file which is smaller and better for sending in SMS texts.

Create your own effective and low-cost Video Business Card Eye Films by emailing or calling 07411071194 today.

Call us during April and quote VBCAPRIL17 and pay only £99 for your own Video Business Card*.

You can visit Yorkshire Plus’ website here.

*excluding travel costs.

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