CASE STUDY: Video Marketing for SM3 Empowerment

Video marketing is an important way of communicating for businesses in this day and age. Video business cards are a good example of video marketing and an ideal way of connecting with potential clients in a direct and forward facing manner.

They are a slick piece of marketing and one that is incredibly cost effective. They can also be re-purposed in many different ways.

Shiraz Mirza from SM3 Empowerment commissioned Eye Films to create a video business card earlier this year. He is a YB12 coach, a certified Life Coach and an NLP Practitioner who helps people in life and business discover their hidden talents so they can be, do and have the life they want.

Video Business Card ScreenshotShiraz wanted a piece of video marketing in which he could outline his proposition directly to camera. He had a visual style about which he was very clear. He was also clear this should reflect similar on-line videos.

Straight away we knew we had to find a decent location – one that reflected the prestige and professionalism of the client. After searching round we settled on the Library Room at Aston Hall in Sheffield. In this plush 18th century building the library atmosphere was calm, the room brightly lit and the setting ideal.

Our regular, professional make up artist Victoria Roberts was on hand to prepare Shiraz for camera. We spent some time setting up the lights and camera. However, if the client isn’t prepared none of this matters.

Video Marketting Shoot ImageGiven his knowledge of his field, his expertise in NLP and his well practised skills in using body language to convey his message, that was never going to be the case with Shiraz . As a director, it’s my role to give presentation pointers and tips. But on this occasion I was a little redundant!

The shoot itself took a couple of hours. The edit took about a week, including animated graphics. In order to give the final piece that visual flair and style Shiraz was looking for we made use of outtakes, pull focus shots and light leaks. We also created a motion graphics animation from SM3 Empowerment’s existing logo. The result is a great and effective piece of video marketing.

Of the final piece  Shiraz says

“Jon has under promised and over delivered with the corporate promotional video he made for my speaking and coaching business. The end product, in my biased opinion, is a master piece and something that captures me as a person as well as highlighting what I do.  His meticulous approach to ensuring he gave me exactly what I asked for is a great testament to his professionalism and his art. I would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to get the right exposure to their business.”

This was a fun piece to do – Shiraz’ call for a particular visual style gave us a clear mandate to be creative with the shoot and the edit. The final video is an example of what good, clear planning for video marketing results in.

Video Marketing Sales ImageVideo is an increasingly important tool in marketing. Businesses that neglect using it will inevitably fall behind their competitors in the 21st Century.

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